hear me roar
hi, my name's madeline. yogi, sex-positive feminist, nerd.
i like books, food, and long walks through hyrule. i get obsessive over people/things and actually followed my best friend nikki all the way to OU. sometimes i cry because daenerys targaryen.
this is not a spoiler-free blog (asoiaf).


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I tagged you in my question thing c; you don't have to do it if you don't feel like it!

oh i’d totally love to!! i just forget to check my own tag allll the time xD thank you!

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旦 ピ ☁ ⊙﹏⊙ 礼

MAN THESE ARE WEIRD SYMBOLS. sry i just noticed. why couldn’t the creator have done numbers, or letters, or something.


旦, last time you drove your car: i went to get ice cream a few hours ago and also saw a german shepard wandering around my complex. i followed it for a while (out of the car) to try to get close enough to read its collar and call its owner, but no dice and i’m really sad still and i really really hope i don’t see lost signs soon because i’m going to cry and blame myself forever if something happens to him.

ピ, did you like pokemon as a child: i thought it was nerdy until i went to gifted kids camp, where they try to make gifted kids have social lives. i used to play lightsabers with this girl (we used waterbottles) and she got mad at me when i told her she wasn’t a jedi yet a few days in (i was such a little fuck, i still am, this is why i suck at people) and idk she was upset. anyway point is same girl had a thing for this guy and idk he gave her his pokemon game. idk why this is significant except somehow i ended up with a copy of pokemon crystal and i played it until i got stuck behind a fence i had jumped over on my bike and it was really upsetting.

☁, ever wanted to learn a foreign language: YES. french in HS, italian in college, and i still want to learn more. TEACH ME ALL THE LANGUAGES too bad i suck and lack discipline

⊙﹏⊙, which horror movie scared you the most: we “watched” the grudge at one of my bday parties when i was like 12 and i’m pretty sure we were unable to finish it so definitely that one. every other horror movie i’ve either seen a few times or wasn’t really watching or was making out during which makes it significantly less scary. true story.

礼, would you swim in the lake or ocean: wait is this like a general q? YES. if it’s asking which i prefer, the ocean every time. getting knocked around by waves and the taste of saltwater on my lips is one of my favorite things. i think i’ve only played in an ocean three times, the most recent in costa rica, and it was amazing. it’s one of the times i feel so incredible and at peace and this sense of unity.

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donald glover

omg actually no but he’s going on right now bc it had never occurred to me

you are gr9

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I do want to say hello and admit that I too cry because Daenerys Targaryen. Also, cool les mis/spirng awakening comparison. Who did that?

i get that you are trying to be civil and i appreciate that

perhaps it’s a flaw, but i find it difficult to talk to people who don’t respect me enough to realize that my body is my territory. (especially strangers - the only thing i know about you is you reblogged a post i made showing off a tshirt and told me that i don’t have the right to my own body.) it makes me uncomfortable to think that you believe everything i love should take a backseat if i get pregnant, that a fetus means more to you than i, as a living, breathing woman, do. i can’t be civil with people who don’t respect me, and i see neglecting my right to choose as a huge sign that you do not respect my life and my choices. it’s not only that it makes me angry, though i am angry; it makes me genuinely scared and uncomfortable and just violated. how can i talk about my passions with someone who would see them destroyed for the sake of something that isn’t conclusively a person? how am i supposed to pretend that i don’t feel sick at the thought of being pregnant and someone telling me “too bad, you had sex”? i’m honestly nauseated by the thought of pregnancy. i don’t want to bear a child, i don’t want to have a child, but this doesn’t mean i don’t have the right to express my sexuality. you don’t put these same restrictions on couples incapable of conception, and the fact that i physically (presumably) can conceive a baby does not mean that’s what i’m meant to do or should do. i don’t want kids, so i’m not going to have one. period.

i just can’t. so i appreciate your civility, but this is one time when i really cannot just “let it go”, as some people have asked me too. this is my life, not an abstract case of something that doesn’t affect me directly. when you say a woman shouldn’t have a right to choose, you’re saying i shouldn’t have a right to choose. you’re telling me that morning sickness that cripples my studies, pregnancy that would disable me from teaching yoga the way i want to at this time, nine months of utter hell that could kill me because the medications that keep me from self-harm and suicide aren’t compatible with pregnancy - you’re telling me i have to do all these things because of something YOU believe.

and i just can’t, i cannot, deal with that.

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Pipers Piping, homie


eleven facts about my body - tw for self-injury & ednos

  1. i can crack my back from side to side. and not just can, i have to at least once a day or it really starts to hurt.
  2. i’m a 32DD. i used to pray for bigger boobs, but these don’t even look that big. not fair. they’re just difficult to shop for and i wish i’d shopped at gap and target when i had the chance, now that my size is hard to find.
  3. the tip of my ribcage is prominent. i’m writing in the dark so i’m too lazy to take off my shirt and see if it still sticks out, but it used to.
  4. i have somewhere over 100 and less than 500 scars, mostly on my thighs, from self-injury. i tried to count once and just got overwhelmed. most will fade with time, but some will probably be around for a while.
  5. i’m extremely inflexible in my inner thighs and groins - i HATE wide-legged stretches because of this.
  6. i’m only 5’5” and sometimes this makes me want to strangle things. all i wanted was to be as tall as my sister. WHY
  7. i gained about ten to fifteen pounds in recovery, and i’ve gained some weight since then. i try not to weigh myself anymore and don’t have a scale up at school, but i do have one at home and i would like to get rid of some of the weight i’ve gained since then. i’m talking to a dietitian and i’m going to do it healthfully, because i’m not going back.
  8. my eyes are blue, and on occasion people ask me if i’m wearing contacts, when they mean colored contacts. it’s very flattering. that being said, i used to wish i had brown eyes because i think girls with dark hair and dark eyes are GORGEOUS. (see: mila kunis)
  9. i have a scar underneath my eye from hitting it twice in the same spot: the first time, i was in a booth at houlihan’s and it shifted when i reached to grab my drink, so i banged my eye on the corner of the table; the second time, i was running at church and slipped and hit it on a chair. i can still remember my doctor telling me that when i was older i could cover it up with concealer - but i love it!
  10. my hip occasionally pops and it freaks me out. sometimes i’ll lay in bed on my side swinging it back and forth listening to it crack. it’s disgusting and disconcerting and yet i can’t stop.
  11. i got my bellybutton pierced when i was a month shy of my seventeen birthday, originally as an incentive to get skinny. i also enjoyed having it because i was about to get a 34 and then 36 on my ACT and i could confuse people: the ones who knew me in school who thought i was a good girl, i could show my piercing, and the ones i met at parties who thought i was a drunken mess (which i was), i could bring up my ACT scores. workin’ the dichotomy for all it was worth before i was like “lol fuck this go feminism”.
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2, what would you name your future daughter/son: HAHAHAH kids no. but i do love naming kids which is probably why i love rping so much? idk but it’d be something cool and probably greek inspired.

9, your most profound memory: profound in this context is weird to me. hmmmm. i really… don’t know. collectively, some of my bad times are pretty eye-opening.

14, what factor has shaped who you are the most: my love of books and reading. for sure.

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8, 21, HELLO


8, describe your dream house: oh jesus. i have so many feels on this. SO MANY i have a pinterest board but ugh ok. really open. definitely have a beautiful kitchen - modern or antique, not sure, but it’s easy to use and very very big. i have a yoga room that’s hardwood floor and easy to control the light. LOTS of windows but with awesome curtains so i can completely control the lights. see my pinterest for more… I’M SO ADD ABOUT THIS. oh i definitely want a room taht’s all cushions and a room where the bed is in a corner and my bed should probably be a canopy bed. also PETS.

21, last thing that made you laugh: out loud, can’t remember (prolly something on reddit); in my head, all these dan humphrey jokes. GOSSIP GIRL WRITERS YOU ARE SO DUMB

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What are your opinions on foreign adoption?

i don’t really have any. i have a few friends that have younger siblings adopted from foreign countries and said siblings seem happy. i hadn’t really thought about it.

i just reblogged that post because, welp, it was disturbing as fuq.

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W! Also your theme is amazing!

thanks love!

W, the men’s rights movement, legitimate cause or laughable, and why: it’s laughable. and there’s a post somewhere around here i’m going to find to explain why.

originally from eastafrodite:

The thing about MRA’s though is that they could actually be fighting for men’s rights and livliehoods that are challenged by patriarchy.

  • They could help men of color who are hypermasculized while simultaneously being denied bodily autonomy through white supremacist heteropatriarchy, which inevitably leads to violence, poverty and exaggerated incarceration rates.
  • They could help queer men by providing them with safe spaces nand campaigning against the societal violence (ie. disproportionate homelessness, harassment, assault, denial of housing, state rights as couples, etc.) they experience.
  • They could stand in solidarity with the trans* men that are having their reproductive rights stripped because mainstream patriarchal cissexism doesn’t recognize ovaries as not being indicative of one’s gender identity.
  • They could faciliate outreach programs to men who are sexually and physically abused, because again, the notion that men are strong, resilient and unable to be harmed is rooted in patriarchy.

There are a whole host of things MRA’s could be and aren’t doing, because of course these people don’t actually care about anyone or anything but themselves and stroking their inflated egos. That’s why MRA’s are a joke.

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L & P :) xx

l, the beatles or the rolling stones: honestly don’t really have a preference…

p, all the sequels/remakes/adaptations/rip-offs in movies nowadays, good or bad: well, THAT’S a bit simplified. some are great, some are terrible. i’m happy some remakes are giving audiences another shot at a good film, but i usually prefer the original. still, some movies i never would have seen without a remake. i love adaptations; they may disappoint me most of the time but the ones that are good make it so worth it. sequels - well, some are great, some just need to die. i mean, lost ark was great, temple of doom was terrible, but then last crusade was just phenomenal. it really depends!

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Blue and indigo from your last question post ! (:

blue, three fears:

  • dying
  • losing my mind
  • a debilitating disease

indigo, two weaknesses:

  • i’m REALLY selfish. i try not to be but… i really am. and most of the time, i don’t care.
  • i’m also extremely lazy. i procrastinate a lot and i really wish i could spend my time only doing things i love.
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W, O, L, V, E, S

W, the men’s rights movement, legitimate or laughable, and why?: short answer, laughable. slightly less short answer, dis post: http://adragonisnoslave.tumblr.com/post/27568153635/eastafrodite-the-thing-about-mras-though-is.

O, would you rather spend one year with your one true love just to never see them again or the rest of your life with second best?: i don’t believe in “one true love”, so second best. i find the idea of soulmates ridiculous. i think there are plenty of people you could choose to be your soulmate. it’s more about perspective.

L, the beatles or the rolling stones?: honestly…. neither. -ducks head-

V, a world without religion, good, bad, neutral?: ask me a few years ago and i’d have said good. honestly, though, for some people religion is all they have to keep them going. it offers comfort when they’re thinking about death. and i think some people need that.

E, if you could live and be healthy without sleeping or eating/drinking, which would you cut out of your life?: SLEEPING. definitely. oh my gosh, having so much more time would be AWESOMEEEE.

S, would you rather be the only person in the world that can read minds or have everyone else in the world be able to read minds except for your own?: definitely option one. unless i couldn’t turn it off. in which case, number two. but yeah, as long as i can control it, let’s do number one.

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Thank you thank you thank you for what you said on the dog/car post because THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING.

like, what the actual fuck??? what is wrong with you? “hm, i’m going to tie my dog to SOMEONE ELSE’S CAR.”

i don’t like anyone tying their dog up PERIOD. if you must do it, do it to something that DOESN’T MOVE.

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bossypants: haven’t read | want to read (desperately) | hated it | it was okay | good | wonderful | loved it | one of my favorite books | best ever | other:

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