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hi, my name's madeline. yogi, sex-positive feminist, nerd.
i like books, food, and long walks through hyrule. i get obsessive over people/things and actually followed my best friend nikki all the way to OU. sometimes i cry because daenerys targaryen.
this is not a spoiler-free blog (asoiaf).


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The thing about that Shae/Tyrion scene that’s so amazing is how incredibly expertly manipulative she is?  Because she’s not jealous of Ros, and she doesn’t care, but the more she makes him think she does, the more she has him on the leash, and the more afraid he becomes that he’ll give her some reason to leave him.  She toys with him and she genuinely cares about him, but she will not hesitate to sell him out if need be, because Shae cares about Shae first (and Sansa second) and it’s perfect.

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I think the big difference between the Tyrells and the Lannisters is that the Tyrells are a matriarch family. The Tyrells are run by a woman. Olenna is completely in charge of that family. The Lannisters are run by Tywin Lannister. It’s a very virile, very masculine-dominated Alpha Male family. And Cersei, as Lena has so beautifully portrayed in previous seasons, she feels a bit trapped and dominated and wishes she could have been a man so that she could get on the battlefield and fight. She feels suppressed by her gender. The interesting thing about Margaery is that she’s more cut from the cloth as a protegée of her grandmother, so she knows what it’s like for a woman to be in charge. I’m sure that in Margaery’s head, she’s hoping and believing that she can marry Joffrey, have a son and put her son on the throne and be a matriarch herself.
- Natalie Dormer [x] (via itsinthetrees)
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A message to Sansa haters from Sophie Turner [x]

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I am Merida. Firstborn descendant of Clan Dun Broch and I’ll be shooting for my own hand.

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Wholock AU The Doctor seeks an old friend’s help to find his new companion.

“What’s her name?”




*flying around the room* SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN


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my problem with taylor swift isnt that she dates lots of guys, it’s that she’s 23 years old and is still stuck in her high school phase of life where if a guy broke up with her he’s THE WORST OMG and there’s no such thing as a normal breakup, and then she has the nerve to keep billing herself as the innocent sweet southern belle when she has a list of dudes a mile a long and shames other women in her songs for doing the exact fucking thing she’s doing.

SIGH, okay, no. Have you listened to Taylor Swift’s albums? No? She slutshames once. In one song (“She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think, she’s an actress/She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” and honestly that’s like one of the least horrible examples of slutshaming ever). And then in one video (You Belong With Me). She doesn’t do it with any more frequency than Paramore (“Once a whore, you’re nothing more/I’m sorry, that’ll never change”) and she does it a metric fuck ton less than Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the Disco or really any male-fronted rock band, and she does it way WAY less than just about any male country artist. One song and one video. The girl’s released four albums and dozens of videos. Tumblr’s so fixated on Taylor Swift being the Antichrist that you are all willing to forget everything else she’s released, and that god knows how many other women in the music industry have slutshamed, to fixate on her and those two instances rather than a) approaching it with some sense of perspective and b) acknowledging that she’s not the sole perpetrator.

And listen, I don’t know your relationship history, but breaking up is hard, man. I hate doing it. I really, really hate doing it. And if I was as talented as Taylor Swift all the angst from my last breakup would have been a damn amazing album. Everything John Mayer writes is about breakups but oh, no, no no no, why would we ever criticize a dude? Look at Bruno Mars—does no one remember Grenade, which was possibly the most annoying, nice-guy-infested breakup song ever? I don’t want you to catch a grenade for me, bro, I want to break up with you. Breakups are hard. Losing someone you love is hard. And I’m sick of people acting like she can’t be in love that often because love’s pretty fucking cool and being in love that frequently is really kinda neat. I want to be in love that frequently. Love rocks. And bro, please, when’s the last time YOU turned your breakup into a Top 40 hit? Taylor’s been doing it for years.

But no, instead half this fucking website gets off on ranting and raving about what an evil bitch Taylor Swift is, and someone always invariably brings her dating history into it as if that’s something that you have any business commenting on. “I don’t enjoy the content of her songs” is different than “she’s got a list of guys a mile long”. What, does that make her any less sweet? Any less ‘innocent’? After the nth time you have sex you become a hellbitch? Don’t think so. You want to rant about Taylor Swift? Get out of her sex life. Talk about content rather than “and she dates a lot”. Consider the time she was photographed with some well-known white supremacist. But be willing to apply your criticisms across the board because the amount of hate for this woman based solely on “she dates too much” is fucking ridiculous and it makes you look childish and petty.

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It seems like there is more frequent hate in the Sansa tag than usual lately, and I just wanted to add my two cents in regards to why Sansa Stark fans are as defensive as we are.

Much of the hate Sansa receives is indeed sexist or misogynist in tone. That isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact. And it’s been going on for years. So when the show started, and a whole new group of people entered the fandom, that fact became glaringly obvious. To the detriment of the fandom, much of the hate for Sansa stems from people who are massive Arya fans. I’m not saying all Arya fans are Sansa haters because that is absolutely not the case, but some of the strongest Sansa haters are really big Arya fans (and because of this reason, some of the biggest Arya haters are Sansa fans). I find that so unfortunate because these two characters are meant to be taken together, and appreciated together as deconstructions of two fantasy tropes: the tomboy and the princess. It’s sad that people are missing out on something that is central to both characters because of, yes, sexism.

It is completely understandable to prefer one character to another, but if your reasons for doing so are because Arya embodies traditionally masculine qualities while Sansa survives with traditionally feminine qualities then be prepared to get called out on your deeply flawed logic. Two of the most commonly used adjectives to describe Arya and Sansa are “badass” and “weak,” respectively. To describe Arya as “badass” when in reality she is essentially a child soldier who is forced to do violence to survive is just as big a misunderstanding of character as describing Sansa as “weak.” Physically she is weak, but she is not weak-willed which is what matters most. I know it’s said ad nauseam, but clearly it isn’t said enough: They are two sides of the same coin.

In addition to this, the fact that Sophie Turner is so aware of the hate the character she plays receives, to the point where she brings it up in almost every interview without being prompted to do so, speaks volumes to the vocality and level of Sansa hate. One of the reasons I’m such a big Sophie fan is that she is not intimidated by the hate she sees, but instead completely understands her character and talks of Sansa’s strengths, as well as taking the opportunity to talk of the strength of the other ASOIAF/GOT women (again, without being prompted). Like Sansa, she’s going to win the people over with love.

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Remember, remember …

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#new rule #River should only ever wear corsets #I bet the Doctor takes her to like #the past so frequently #and she’s all like ‘Victorian times AGAIN Doctor?!’ #and he’s like giggling #because he does it for the corset

headcanon accepted

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“I have much to learn. I know that now. One day, perhaps, I will make you proud.”

Thor gender swap - feat. Jennifer Lawrence as Thor

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